Selection of archival drawings displayed at Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 titled "Enough: The Architecture of Degrowth"

In commemoration with the book The Limits to Growth produced by the Club of Rome, this selection of archival drawings displays original drawings and process sketches of the world model presented in the book. Made by Jay Forrester and his colleagues at MIT, these drawings: Visualize consequences of industrial production and population growth on a global scale, and thus demonstrate how the concept of de-growth was discussed in 1972. The drawings are visual representations of systems theory, which is a mode of thinking closely connected to postwar developments in computation. Systems theory became highly influential to architecture and design in terms of thinking of design via systems—a mode of thought which still resonates today.

This contribution hopes to demonstrate how various methods of representation influence how we conceive of the natural world, and in the case of The Limits to Growth the thoughts and designs of architects in the early 1970´s and how to deal with the climate crisis.

Oslo Architecture Triennale
Venue: National Museum of Architecture- Oslo
Year: 2019

Links: Oslo Architecture Triennale, lecture

Team: Anna Ulak