This piece of furniture plays with the perception of viewing an object- that when viewed from a specific angle looks exactly like an isometric drawing of a cube. However the piece is a built parallelogram in 3d, a piece that is angled in two directions yet consistently maintains regular planes on the sides and from top to bottom. When placed on top of another in a variety of directions the pieces act as a stable bookshelf that has an interesting dynamic shape. Or the pieces can be placed beside one another to create a landscape of small coffee tables that can house a multiple of books and other objects. The form allows one to either display the shelved objects due to the cascading shelves or conceal them- depending from what angle the pieces are viewed. In short the distorted cubes become an invitation for the users to play and create their own unique furniture combinations.More photos of various combinations to come.

Manufacturing details: Steel 2.5mm, powder coated paint off white. Outer form is made of one sheet of folded steel that is welded within the sharper angle of the piece. The two shelves are spot welded within the piece.

Year: 2016

Team: Anna Ulak
Status: Built